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Winter Degree Congregation - Academic Procession

Originally published 11 December 2003

This year’s Winter Degree Congregation is taking place on Wednesday 28 January. The two ceremonies will take place at 11:00 and 15:00 in the Butterworth Hall. Most of the students involved will be postgraduates.

It will help to make the ceremonies special for the graduating students if you could each join at least one Academic Procession.

If you wish to join the Procession please complete the relevant form – you will find it at

If you want to know when the relevant ceremony takes place, check the list at

Please complete the form and either email it to, fax it to ext.24990 or post it to Val Biggs in the Academic Office.

Forms should be returned no later than 10 January.

Meal Voucher for Participants

If you join the procession you will receive a complimentary lunch ticket for Rootes Restaurant or Viva. It’s important to reserve a ticket in advance as the full cost of the meal will be charged to anyone not bearing a ticket.

Robe Hire

Arrangements have been made with J Wippell and Co Limited for participants to hire academic dress. The cost of the hire will be met by the University. If you wish to hire robes please mention it on the relevant space on the form.