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Students' Union Election Results

Originally Published 02 December 2003

The results of the Students Union elections and referenda are in following the voting session from Wednesday to Friday last week.


Both motions were passed convincingly. However, both failed to reach quoracy (10% of students, or about 1800) and so they are not binding to the Union.

The Students' Union commented that the referenda would now probably be taken to Union Council in week 13. "Members of Union Council may take the Referenda vote as indicative, but it is likely that the motions will be amended before they are passed", says Ross Davidson, Finance and Internal Affairs Officer. The votes were:

  • Should the Students' Union lobby the University to introduce a Freshers' Period? 700 for, 307 against, 62 abstentions
  • Should all tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar provided in the Students' Union be Fair Trade? 982 for, 237 against, 75 abstentions


Almost all of the elections confirmed that the current post holder would stay in position. These posts were co-opted at the end of last year, since the elections weren't quorate. However, under Students' Union rules, they have to try and re-elect co-opted officers at the next possible opportunity.

New elections were:
Undergraduate Science Faculty Representative Douglas Kelly

NUS Women's Conference Delegate
Shahista Zamir

NUS Conference Delegates
Carly Braddock
Mike Britland
Damien King
Nick Young
Andy McEwan
Benny Spooner
Adlina Amiruddin
Mohammed Usmaan
Talia Kraines
Shahista Zamir

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