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Student Primary Elections 2004

Originally Published 27 January 2004

The University campus is about to become a hotbed of campaigning and voting as the primary elections near. This is when you get your chance to decide whom next year’s Sabbatical Officers and part-time officers will be.

Nominations have already been made, manifestos have been written, catchy slogans have been created, and voting begins in week 5. The Quorum for Sabbatical posts is 10% of the full members of the Students’ Union, and 5% of all eligible to vote for part-time officer positions. So, for the Sabbatical posts, the Union needs over 1800 people to vote for each position! So, get voting…

Polling opens at 00.00 on Wednesday 4th February (ie Midnight Tuesday), and closes at 21.00 on Friday 6th February, giving you just a short time in which to vote!

We sent our roving reporter out to the Piazza today to ask her fellow students about the elections - here's what she came back with

The following roles are up for grabs:

Sabbatical Officers

  • President
  • Education Officer and Deputy President
  • Communications and Venues Officer
  • Finance and Internal Affairs Officer
  • Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Societies and Student Development Officer
  • Sports Officer

Part Time Officers

  • Chair of Union Council
  • Deputy Chair of Union Council
  • Academic Representation Committee Chair
  • Campaigns Committee Chair
  • Communication Committee Chair
  • Democratic Oversight Committee Chair
  • International Committee Chair
  • Societies Federation Committee Chair
  • Sports Federation Committee Chair
  • Anti-Racism Campaigns Convenor
  • Women’s Campaigns Convenor
  • Environment Campaigns Convenor
  • Welfare and Equal Opportunities Campaigns Covenor
  • Undergraduate Arts Faculty Representative
  • Undergraduate Medical Faculty Representative
  • Undergraduate Medical Science Representative
  • Undergraduate Medical Social Studies Representative
  • Institute of Education Representative
  • Second Senate Representative
  • Second Council Representative

Further information about all of the above posts, and candidate lists for each, see the Students’ Union Primary Elections page

Hustings takes place on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd February (week 5) at 19.00 in the Ramphal Lecture Theatre.

Voting takes place on the Students’ Union website. You will need to register on the Union’s portal if you haven’t already (you need your University card to do this), and vote by clicking on the elections tab and follow the instructions.

Results will be announced at the election party on Saturday 7th February in Cholo.