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Warwick Chef whips up culinary delights at House of Commons

Graham Crump
Graham Crump
Originally published 10 February 2004

Warwick Conferences’ highly acclaimed Chef Graham Crump, delighted the taste buds of Tony Blair and Members of Parliament with his culinary delights at a special promotion of Midlands cuisine and produce, which took place at the House of Commons a few weeks ago.

With a wealth of experience spanning 18 years in the hospitality industry and as one of the leading chefs in the region, Graham was invited to prepare a number of different dishes using local produce for the Premier Restaurant and the Bistro Dining Area where Members of Parliament and other senior Government officials regularly dine at Westminster.

According to Graham: “It was a great honour to get this opportunity to show off the culinary delights we have in the Midlands and promote local produce at the same time. These regional food promotions are held on a regular basis in the House of Commons and this is our chance to demonstrate that this region has much to offer. Five participants or venues have been asked to produce special local dishes for the event. I feel most privileged that I have been selected to represent Warwick Conferences.”

Graham’s selection from his impressive portfolio of fine local dishes included Lighthorne lamb and vegetable broth, Staffordshire oatcake with bacon and Berkswell cheese, belly pork with grouty faggot, onion puree, glazed apple and purple sprouting broccoli, Warwickshire bacon, pork and apple pudding and Coventry god cakes with ice cream and Muscat sauce.

Graham is Group Executive Chef at Warwick Conferences and is responsible for the production of high quality food, purchasing of food related items to ensure the best quality and value, and the development of products and standards.

His role also includes the training and development of chefs and food and establishing a competitive culinary team across the University of Warwick’s hospitality business.