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Get more than just a salary for your part-time work

Originally Published 16 February 2004

This week is National Student Employment week. To celebrate, Unitemps and the Centre for Lifelong Learning are launching the Unitemps employment module on the Warwick Skills Certificate.

Many students find they need to take on part-time employment to subsidise their living and studying expenses at university. With our very own temping agency, Unitemps, on campus, matching students to jobs is easy. Students get occasional or ongoing employment, and employers are guaranteed to get high-quality temps working for them. But for many students the experience of undertaking part-time work offers them more than just a salary. They gain experience of producing CVs, applying for jobs, teamwork, and even just being within a work environment.

This is why the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Unitemps have collaborated to create the Unitemps Employment Module as part of the Warwick Skills Certificate. Now you can get rewarded for the invaluable skills you will learn in the workplace with more than just the salary you are paid.

Successful completion of the module will reward students with 10 credits towards their certificate (one third of the overall certificate). In order to pass the module, students must find themselves a job or a series of jobs, preferably through Unitemps, produce a portfolio of their work, and ask their employer to complete a brief appraisal at the end of their contract. The student must complete the equivalent of 3 weeks full-time employment (15 days), although this can be made up of several different jobs completed over a period of time. As the accreditation for the module is based largely on the student’s portfolio, not the employer’s appraisal, the scheme will not cause any inconvenience for employers.

The module is open to all University of Warwick students, including postgraduates, and any kind of work will count – from envelope stuffing to web design.

To find out more drop in to the Unitemps office by the Students’ Union, or contact Kay Sanderson, Certificate Director in the Centre for Lifelong Learning (