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National Science Week Ig Nobels UK Tour 2004

Originally published 3 March 2004

To celebrate National Science Week (beginning Friday 12th March), The Times Higher Education Supplement in partnership with the BA (the British Association for the Advancement of Science) presents The Ig Nobels UK Tour 2004.

Ig Nobels are awarded for the world's most original research. Highlights will include why the brains of London taxi drivers are more highly developed than those of their fellow citizens, and the percentage of students that dislike the taste of Brussels sprouts.

The tour will take place from 11th to the 22nd March in Oxford, Nottingham, Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Exeter, Manchester, London, Birmingham and Warrington, and will present science that makes you laugh, then makes you think. Tickets are priced at £5 full-price, £4 for BA members, and £10 for a group of 4. Credit card bookings can be made by telephoning 020 7019 4941, or tickets may be purchased on the door.

See tour dates here (pdf)

To celebrate, the THES is also launching two competitions.

  1. 'There once was a verse from a lab...' invites entrants to compose a limerick on one of the following topics: Prince Charles and science/ President Bush and global warming/ Me and my petri dish. Those who make it onto the shortlist will be invited to perform their limerick at one of the tour venues. The winner will receive two air tickets and three nights' accommodation to see the Ig Nobels Prize ceremony in Harvard in October 2004.
  2. 'Science Barnet of the Year' invites nominations to the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. Entrants will be judged on glossiness, condition, length, style, flow and luxuriance. The winner will receive a makeover by a top London stylist and lunch in a London restaurant. The semi-finalists will receive prizes including an alternative Ig Nobel science equipment pack (Elton John science goggles, rhinestone lab coat plus more). Nominations should include a clear picture of the entrant showing luxuriant hair and a brief description of why they should win in no less than 25 words.

Entries should be sent by 10th March to:

Sebastian Lander
THES Science Limerick Competition/ THES Science Barnet Competition
Admiral House
66-68 East Smithfield
London E1W 1BX.

To find out more about the full National Science Week programme visit