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Warwick chefs whip up award winning performances on the competition scene.

Warwick Award Winning Chefs
Warwick Award Winning Chefs
Originally Published 15 March 2004

“It’s been a momentous few weeks for the chefs and it has been a great team effort”

Group executive Chef of Warwick Conferences, Graham Crump has every reason to be proud of his team, following their impressive menu of award winning performance in a number of high-profile competitions in the past few weeks.

The first course was served by Stuart Phillips, senior chef dePartie from Scarman Training and Conference Centre who achieved his ambition of winning a gold medal at the Conference Centre of Excellence Chef of the Year competition.

This, after claiming a bronze and two silver medals in previous competitions. Stuart went up against nine other chefs in a live theatre section at the Hotel Olympia and came out on top with his award winning performance.

“We are especially pleased for Stuart Phillips who has consistently performed well at the highest level in a competition where the standards seem to get better and better every year, so he fully deserves his gold medal” claimed Group Executive Chef Graham Crump.

The second taste of glory came when Graham joined with Tim Eggington and Keith Taylor, the Head Chefs at Radcliffe and Scarman Training and Conference Centres, to win a merit award in the prestigious Master Chefs Grand Prix.

Up against the strongest possible competition including the Sheraton Hotel, the Dorchester Hotel, the army catering team and the Turkish national team, the Warwick team had just 90 minutes to prepare a four course meal from ingredients that were presented to them in a mystery box.

The final course was served at the North Wales Salon Culinaire in Llandudno by Daniel Ireland for his sole Florentine and James Hornby (chicken cut for sautè) who won silver and bronze awards respectively. Certificates of Merit were also awarded to Mary Fry (decorated cake) and Jose Toimil for his vegetarian dish.

Says Graham Crump of the team’s success, “We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our work and it is very gratifying when we receive this kind of recognition, particularly as in some instances it is our apprentice chefs who are helping to strengthen the team.”

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