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Can't find anything on your desk?

Originally Published 29 March 2004

Papers everywhere?
So much to do, so little time?

Tired of playing the starring role in "I’m stressed, get me out of here!"

With the new term looming on the horizon, we know you have your hands full with administration duties, moving office, trying to catch up your work load or just simply trying to cope.
No need to feel overwhelmed.

Here are some key tips on how you can take a more active stance in managing your workload rather than be managed by it.

  • Work out what is the top priority for your role and make sure such tasks are planned first.
  • Plan when each job will be done and set aside more than enough time in which to complete it.
  • Concentrate on one thing at a time- doing what you planned, when you planned it.
  • Keep your work area under control - removing clutter, putting everything where it belongs.
    1. Knowing where everything you need is located is a key de-stresser.
    2. Make use of the stationery cabinet.
    3. Get folders/file jackets in which to sort your load.
    4. Remember to file incoming items straight away otherwise all you will end up with is paper mountains.
  • Most importantly,
  • Keep everything in balance - work is only part of your life, it is not you - it is one thing you do.