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Aboriginal-Style Art - Have a Bash

Mulga Seed Dreaming
Mulga Seed Dreaming
Originally published 3 June 2004

Thinking about competing in the Big Bash Aboriginal-Style Art Competition but confused about where to start?

‘What is aboriginal-style art and how do I create a piece?’ you’re asking.

Aboriginal style art is known for its rich earth tones and colour that the artwork encompasses. You’ll notice that it is extremely detailed and usually follows a pattern. Quite often, the work of art is a depiction of nature or a representation of the lives of the Aborigine people.

You need not be the most perfect artist in the world. One website, Aboriginal Art, states that artists use what they know, what they experience and what they interpret.

Why not take a terracotta plant holder and depict what you know and observe. You might create your own boomerang or even your own didgeridoo (it need not work)! The Aborigines were also known for their work in caves and on rocks. Perhaps you could create a masterpiece from a rock and a little paint!

There are tons of resources out there on the subject. The internet has thousands of websites that show you the richness of the artwork of the Aborigines. Even the University of Warwick Library has a vast collection of material on the subject.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Go wild!

And for your hard work, we’ll buy you a free drink just for entering the competition! Of course, there will be a prize if you win as well!

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