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Teaching Innovations Website Launched

Teaching Innovation Website
Teaching Innovation Website
Originally published 14 June 2004

Innovation, including educational innovation, is present in abundance in departments at the University of Warwick. However, the subject divisions and the very personal nature of teaching in universities means that it very difficult to find out what innovations other academics are making.

The Centre for Academic Practice (CAP) has provided a ‘one-stop-shop’website for teaching and learning innovations at Warwick called Innovations@Warwick.

The website provides the entry point into a database-driven repository of teaching initiatives, projects, experiences and case studies. Information is organised by staff and department, subject and teaching method and includes related resources, such as reflective writings, contact details for staff associated with the work, or guidance documents available on the relevant approaches taken.

The site allows you to browse and search for information according to your interests, needs and subject. Whilst continually being populated and updated, the aim is to incorporate a range of stages of innovation, from early ideas and work in progress to locally and externally funded projects and fully evaluated case studies.

In so doing, Innovations@Warwick facilitates dissemination of developments and, importantly, enables good practice to be identified, collated and shared across the University.

The site is not restricted to e-Learning and incorporates teaching innovation not involving Information Technology. (A related site supports the Teaching Development Fund specifically and has been well received.). Nevertheless, e-Learning represents a substantial proportion of the content held. In relation to the central e-Learning website, CAP is discussing with e-lab how the facility can be used collaboratively with academic departments or other support services being able to contribute entries in a coherent manner.

The Centre for Academic Practice supports academic staff in the review and development of their practice, in teaching, research and management.

CAP aims to support Warwick’s academic staff at all stages in their career. We are committed to the development of evidence-based practice. Our courses, consultancy and resources seek to bring the processes and outcomes of research and scholarship into a productive relationship with academic work.

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