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Warwick HRI Open Day

Tomatoes on show
Tomatoes on show
Originally published 21 June 2004

On Saturday 10th July the spotlight is on horticulture at The Warwick HRI Open Day.

Featuring a number of exhibits and activities through the day ranging from tractor rides to interactive science exhibits, lab tours to bouncy castles and face painting to farmers markets, this special event seeks to showcase Warwick HRI’s entire portfolio of work.

Expect to have your knowledge of horticulture broadened as Warwick HRI will, through this fun and informal day, seek to educate the public on why horticultural research is important to the University, the local community, the region, the UK and overseas for health and a sustainable future.

Some of the exhibits to be featured on the day include:

  • SET related exhibits including DNA extraction and Colours in Nature.
  • 'Good Bugs, Bad Bugs', 'To spray, or not to spray - no longer the question' and 'Bulb yield and flies'.
In addition to the exhibits there will be the opportunity to take part in a lab tour, grow your own mushrooms at the Mushroom Unit and to pop into the Gene Banks drop-in-centre!

Visitors will also be treated to tractor rides around the property where they will view some of the field experiments including thrips on cucumber, leek rust control, brassica screening and selenium trials. Plus tour guides will be on hand to point out the landmarks...

Also on the menu are a number of local gardeners, growers, farm shops and garden centres who will be selling their produce, ranging from Warwick HRI tomato, plants and pots, in a special horticultural farmers market.

t promises to be a wonderful day so go on out and increase your knowledge of horticulture.

Gates open at 10:00am.

Please click here for directions to the event