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University Nursery Achieves Best Possible Result in OFSTED Inspection

Originally Published 06 July 2004
University Nursery at Westwood
University Nursery at Westwood

The University is pleased to announce that our pedigree of high educational and pastoral standards encompasses even our youngest students – some of whom are as young as three months old!

The University’s Nursery has just received feedback on its recent OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) inspection. The combined OFSTED inspection covered both the quality of care of all the Nursery’s charges and the quality of education, concentrating on the three to four year-olds.

Formal verbal feedback, in advance of the publication of the report, has confirmed that OFSTED have awarded the Nursery a Good rating for the quality of care and a Very Good rating for the quality of teaching, the highest possible rating in each category.

In fact the report will indicate that the Nursery has done even better than that… In the childcare portion of the inspection the Nursery is singled out as having no weaknesses and exceeding standards in Organisation, Care, Learning and Play, Equipment, Equal Opportunities and Working in Partnership with Parents. In the education portion the Nursery was awarded a Very Good rating in every category.

OFSTED expect continuous improvement from even the very best nurseries, with this in mind the Nursery has been asked to identify areas in which they could make further improvements. Accordingly the Nursery staff will be looking at developing their outdoor curriculum as well as maintaining current levels of care and education between now and their next inspection in two year’s time.

Kate Dodd, Director of Student and Ancillary Services, says of the results, “It is enormously gratifying to have this external confirmation of how excellent our nursery is. Debra Castle and her team are to be warmly congratulated on this fantastic result.”

The University would like to congratulate all the Nursery staff on their achievement and thank them for their continuing hard work and effort.

The OFSTED report will be available on their website,, as soon as it has been published.