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SU Council - Have Your Say

Originally Published 15 October 2003

Thursday sees this years' first Student Union Council. It's taking place in HO.51 at 19:00.

If you want to get involved in the democratic process this is your chance.

There are nearly forty positions vacant - all of which need filling. All you need to do is go along and present your pitch on why SU members should elect you.

There are a variety of areas to get involved in and positions to suit all interests and temperaments. If you feel misrepresented or under-represented this is your chance to stand up and do something about it.

Whether it's Communications, Equal Ops, your Faculty Board or Steering - they'll be something that interests you.

Don't let university life be something that just happens to you, get involved and make a difference.

If any of this sounds appealling then email for details of how to stand, or pop up to the top level of Union North (by Costcutters) and have a word with one of the Sabbaticals or Jacqui Paige from the Democratic Services Office.