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Wireless Internet Access in University House

The University House Atrium and Coffee Bar and Restaurant now benefit from a wireless internet ‘hotspot’, where suitably equipped laptops and handheld devices can access the internet at speeds of around 11 megabytes per second, equivalent to around twenty times as fast as a home broadband connection.

With either a laptop or handheld computer which is wi-fi 802.11b or 802.11g wirelessly-enabled, you can gain access to central University services (including your email and insite) as well as other facilities provided by your department. Your computer may already come with a wireless modem, or you can purchase one at Lazerlizard. Look for the wi-fi certification logo - only cards marked as being 802.11b (indicated by a dark blue letter b in the logo) or 802.11g (indicated by a green g) are compatible with the services available here at Warwick.

Once connected to the wireless network, your internet browser will be forced onto a login page; once this is complete you can logout by clicking on the small browser ‘hotspot’ window.

Further Information

This latest addition to the wireless network ensures users in all key communal areas on campus have high-speed Internet access. There will also be access in the Learning Grid when it opens in the autumn term. For more information click here