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Centre for Scientific Computing Named as UK HPC Training Centre

The Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC) has been named as one of two Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded UK Training Centres in High Performance Computing (the second is at Edinburgh). This will bring ?422,444 to the University to support an MSc in Scientific Computing. The MSc will be taken in conjunction with a PhD, over a period of four years.

The aim of the Training Centre is to provide the necessary training and skills to enable PhD students, and more senior researchers, to use large-scale computing facilities to address significant computational problems arising in science, engineering and technology. The CSC was established in October 2001 to help foster computationally intense, multidisciplinary research at Warwick. It now numbers 14 core academic staff, together with 21 affiliated staff, from across the University. It runs three parallel computers, one with shared memory and two with distributed memory. It offers training and research degrees at the MSc and PhD levels.