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One World Week: 18th-26th January 2008


The world’s largest student-run international event - One World Week - returns to campus from the 18th to 26th January 2008, and is guaranteed to be an inspiring and unique week of multi-cultural diversity in action.

The nine days are set to be crammed full of a wide variety of exciting activities from thought-provoking talks in the One World Forum to nail-bitingly tense drama productions in One World Arts and excitement in the adrenaline-infused tournaments of One World Sports.

Each day, the action starts early and continues long past sundown as One World Festival celebrates the international traditions and festivities of cultures worldwide, with passionate entertainment ranging from the glamorous catwalk of the Fashion Show to the raw energy and enthusiasm of the Carnival.

This 13th annual OWW is the biggest one so far and will involve 240 student volunteers, 140 nationalities and 26,000 participants from all over the world.

One World Arts

Students will be lead into the world of Arts, by Ugandan orphans from the London based Watoto Children’s Choir accompanied by Warwick University’s musical artists as part of the World Music Concert.

Other highlights include a hip-hop dance masterclass; a Ceilidh Party; a Bollywood workshop; an Opera performance, a Viennese Ball and a photography exhibition.

One World Festival

The Festival highlights different regions of the world on each day: AustralAsia; Americas and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Africa; and the UK.

OWW will be recreating the Australian Outback; the Great Barrier Reef; an American Diner; an Amazonian rainforest; an exotic Bedouin Lounge; a Bahari Beach Bar; and a Savannah Camp of the Serengeti. The piazza will even be transformed into a Roman Coliseum complete with gladiator battles.

One World Forum

Moazzam Begg, former detainee at Guantanamo Bay will be talking about his experiences of interrogation at the hands of the US government and how the shackles used to hold him were made in the West Midlands.

Other forum topics include ‘A Climate for Change’, ‘Darfur in Focus’, ‘Suicide Terrorism’ and ‘The Changing World of Religion’.

One World Sports

One World Sports will be hosting the first ever match between the Rugby League and Rugby Union teams at Warwick, resolving the 100-year-old feud between the two sports.

One World Week aims to be a celebration of the international mix of students present at the University of Warwick and aims to stimulate personal development and inspire a view based on acceptance and appreciation of the world's mosaic of cultures.

For more information visit the One World Week website at

Photos: University of Warwick Photographic Society