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Action short of a strike: Advice for Parents

Warwick Welcomes End to Pay Dispute and Action Short of a Strike

The University of Warwick heartily welcomes the end of the pay dispute and of the action short of a strike.

Minimisation of Disruption

Over the last two months the University has done everything within its power to minimise the disruption to students, including:

  • Introducing a new temporary regulation to enable students to graduate
  • Setting examinations in the handful of cases where they were not provided by module tutors taking part in the action
  • Enlisting additional support for examination marking and invigilation
  • Providing students with up-to-date information about support and the emerging situation.
Impact on Staff

The University if Warwick also welcomes the improvements to staff pay across the board - all staff members will benefit from this settlement. The University has always been committed to spending at least a third of the additional income from fees on improvements to staff pay - and in fact, by the third year it will be spending over 50% of the additional fee income on salaries. This in addition to the improvements associated with the local implementation of the Framework Agreement.

Impact on Students

The University now expects that all examinations will be marked and that all Examination Boards may proceed as normal considering the full range of marks both from assessment and from examinations.

All students will now be classified as normal.

No delay in the publication of degree classifications is expected.

Employment, Further Study and Student References

The University will brief academic staff on information to be included in this year's academic references for graduating students. Even though the Action Short of a Strike is over it is important that potential employers are aware of the circumstances.

The University will continue to work hard to keep graduate recruiters fully informed of this term's developments.

All students will receive their full transcripts as normal in the Summer.

Previous advice regarding the disruption

The University of Warwick is aware that parents of students may be concerned about the current industrial action by some members of the AUT (Association of University Teachers) and NAFTHE (National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education).

The University has taken a range of actions to ensure that the impact of the 'action short of a strike' is minimised. It is important to assure you that the University is doing everything in its power to make sure that the examination process is disrupted as little as possible and that finalists are able to graduate this summer and that other students, undergraduate and postgraduate, can continue their studies.

These pages provide you with further details about the action that is being taken by the University in response to the current dispute.