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Warwick musician broadcast on BBC Radio 3

Peter BlegvadPeter Blegvad, English and Creative Writing professor, has written and narrated ‘Use It Or Lose It’ for BBC Radio 3.

The radiophonic play, co-created by Iain Chambers, details the failing of one man’s mind. The play comprises of narrated fiction, radiophonic music and sound design to take us inside the protagonist’s mind. Peter Blegvad describes it as, “an insight into what it’s like to feel your memory slipping away.” The cast includes Dame Harriet Walter and David Horovitch.

Peter Blegvad is an American musician, songwriter and cartoonist. He is also the lead creative writing academic for The University’s International Gateway For Gifted Youth programme.

Iain Chambers makes features and podcasts for BBC Radio 3 and 4, and The Guardian.

‘Use It Or Lose It’ will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in the ‘Behind The Ears’ slot from 9:55pm to 10:30pm on Saturday 3 December.