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Research archive adds 1,000th item

The Warwick Research Archive Project (WRAP) has uploaded its 1,000th live item, just under a year after its launch.

Christopher Hughes' article "Super-sizing” the DPRK threat: Japan’s evolving military posture and North Korea, was added to the online repository on 14th July 2009.

WRAP, which began in August 2008, is a repository of full text journal articles and PhD theses which are made available online, through open access.

The repository startup was funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) as part of their RepositoryNet project to help form an interoperable network of repositories.

This involved providing UK universities and colleges with access to trusted and expert information about repositories and by supporting some key services that form building blocks for a network of repositories.

Entries can be accessed via the WRAP website and are fully searchable through repository cross-searching tools like OAIster, which allow researchers to identify scholarly materials in repositories like WRAP across the world.

About the Warwick Research Archive Project (WRAP)

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