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Warwick on the move

The University of Warwick has launched a new version of its web site designed to be used on mobile phones and other mobile devices.

The content and presentation have been carefully designed for people on the move so you can access maps, directions, contact numbers and information about campus, all formatted specifically for the small screen.

Researchers at IDC say that 1.3 billion people will connect to the Internet via mobile phones by 2008 but at the moment, many websites are difficult to browse on a small screen device.

E-lab, the University’s web development team, considered the type of information that might be valuable to someone who is on the move and wants access to information about the University and campus. The team repurposed information from the University of Warwick web site in a way that would be quick and easy to access via a phone.

The result is a mobile web site that contains travel information, allows you to view detailed maps, find buildings, shop and café opening times, contact phone numbers, check travel updates and access emergency information. For students there are also web pages refreshed every two minutes with information on the availability of IT work areas.

Sara Lever, web developer, said:-

Over the coming months, e-lab expects to refine the mobile site, improving and adding features. We are surveying the opinions of new students, and ensuring that the web site is well optimised for the most popular models of mobile phone used by the university's members and visitors.

The mobile site can be accessed at

What do you think of the mobile site? Feedback and suggestions for improvement can be sent to