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Torch Relay Map

On Sunday 1 July 2012, the Olympic Torch will pass near the University campus in the 44th day of its relay across the United Kingdom.

Relay runners will carry the torch through historic Kenilworth and Coventry's Memorial Park, with the relay convoy driving past Gibbet Hill Road on its way between the two. There will also be an evening celebration in the Memorial Park at the end of the day's run.

An approximate map showing the torch's path past campus and the location of the evening celebration is below. Sections highlighted in purple are completed on foot, and so spectators will need to head to either Coventry or Kenilworth to see the torch carried past.

You can find out more information about the torch relay, including exact timings for the full route, on the Olympic Torch Relay website.

Download Coventry City Council's Torch Relay guide for Sunday 1 July and Monday 2 July.

Visit Warwickshire County Council's website for information on the route through Warwickshire on Sunday 1 July.

View Olympic Torch Route near the University of Warwick in a larger map