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2012 Olympics Volunteer: Alice Gleadall

Alice Gleadall

Why did you decide to get involved in the London 2012 Games?

It's such a fantastic opportunity to be part of something huge. As I'll be out of the country until June 2012 I couldn't be a Games Maker volunteer so I thought Selection Event Volunteer was the next best thing. It's also something a bit different and I've already met some great people through it.

What process did you have to follow to become a selection event volunteer?

I had to complete an application form and was then invited to attend a selection event. Although this included a 20 minute interview, the rest was for our benefit – a presentation, video and Q&A session. It was really interesting and they did a great job of making us feel special; I came away really wanting the job. I was so pleased when I got the 'Congratulations' email.

What training did you have to undertake?

On a sunny Saturday, I went along to a full day training event held at Radcliffe, with around 80 other people. The training was very thorough, covering LOCOG's values and how to conduct an interview. We were shown videos of poor practice and best practice and got a chance to practice interviewing each other. It was a great day and I've been hugely impressed with the professionalism of it all.

What does the Selection Event volunteer role involve?

I will be required to interview candidates as part of the quest to recruit 70,000 Games Maker volunteers across the UK. It sounds like it will be quite intensive – half day shifts interviewing a candidate every 30 minutes. I'll probably do 5 or 6 shifts, more if I can fit them in. Oh and it's sponsored by Cadbury's so I hope it also involves eating lots of chocolate!

Have you applied for Olympic tickets? Have you been successful?

I am really happy to have got tickets for the tennis which is being held at Wimbledon. At the training, there was a show of hands of people who had got tickets and it seems I was one of only a handful, even including the organisers, so I feel really lucky.

Where will you be watching the Games next year?

Hopefully somewhere with a great atmosphere – with friends, somewhere on campus, a big screen outdoors somewhere enjoying the great British summertime…

Alice Gleadall, Administrative Officer (Widening Participation), Academic Registrar's Office
Alice is currently on secondment at Monash University.