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Warwick Podcasts allow you to hear from University experts commenting on important issues, their research and events.

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Quantum Doughnuts

15:33, Tue 23 Mar 2010

Research led by the University of Warwick has found a way to use doughnut shaped by-products of quantum dots to slow and even freeze light, opening up a wide range of possibilities from reliable and effective light based computing to the possibility of "slow glass".

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Neuroimaging: Eyetracking - Everything you need to know

12:07, Wed 17 Mar 2010

Rob Carpenter (TNS Magasin) presents on the high tech methods used by TNS Magasin, a pioneer in the field of shopper behavioural research. One of a range of research techniques demonstrated included "eye tracking". Eye Tracking utilises an infra-red beam, shone into the back of the retina to track the wearer's eye movements and fixations, offering far superior data on shoppers' attention than cameras that merely record field-of-view. Marketers can benefit from analysing exactly what the eye is drawn to on shelves, packaging and at point of sale.

(MP4 format, 88 MB)


Neuroimaging: Engineering a Positive Response from Users

12:06, Wed 17 Mar 2010

Professor Paul Jennings, WMG presents on the neuroscientific research his Experiential Engineering team undertake to analyse the end users experience of products within key public sectors. The automotive industry, looking at sound quality in vehicles including hybrids, public places, Civic Engineering, looking at city centre design and the quality of public environments and the newer area of Healthcare looking at improving the experience within hospitals and care homes.

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Neuroimaging: Brainwaves for Marketers

11:38, Wed 17 Mar 2010

Professor Gemma Calvert, Chair of Applied Neuroimaging presents on the methods and technology that is enabling science to help marketers eliminate much of the risk in new product development. Demonstrating the potential to accurately predict and steer success in branding, advertising and packaging. Neuroimaging is about mapping brain responses to multi-sensory stimuli. It is one of the powerful neurosciences that are just about to revolutionize the way we market.

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How the baby boomers took their children's future

15:05, Thu 18 Feb 2010

During a visit to the university to present a lecture, David Willetts MP, Shadow Minister for Universities and Skills, spoke to Peter Dunn about his new book "The Pinch: How the baby boomers took their children's future - and why they should give it back" which looks at intergenerational relations in Britain and argues that the baby boomer generation born between 1945 and 1965 have thrived at the expense of their children.

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Women in Afghanistan

10:24, Wed 27 Jan 2010

Afghan social activist Wazhma Frogh discusses women's rights and the future of her country

(MP3 format, 22 MB)


Warwick and Boston Partnership

14:41, Thu 14 Jan 2010

Warwick's Professor Wyn Grant and Boston University's Professor Graham Wilson discuss Politics and the Financial Crisis along with the research collaboration and partnership between the two institutions.

(MP3 format, 12 MB)


Professor Wyn Grant Discusses UK Election Politics

16:50, Tue 12 Jan 2010

In the year of a General Election, Professor Wyn Grant from the Department of Politics and International Studies discusses the complexities of UK election politics

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Why was Christmas banned for almost 20 years in England

21:21, Mon 14 Dec 2009

Historian Professor Bernard Capp reveals how a ban on Christmas sparked a second Civil War in England

(MP3 format, 10 MB)


The Hippocrates Prize

14:23, Thu 26 Nov 2009

The University of Warwick announces a new international medical poetry prize to be judged by poet Dannie Abse, NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh and broadcaster and James Naughtie

(MP3 format, 20 MB)


The damage caused by bullying

10:22, Tue 17 Nov 2009

Professor of Developmental Psychology Dieter Wolke discusses his research into bullying to mark Anti-bullying Week

(MP3 format, 17 MB)


Dr Angie Hobbs Senior Fellow in the Public Understanding of Philosophy

11:07, Tue 6 Oct 2009

Dr Angie Hobbs discusses her new role as the first ever UK “Senior Fellow in the Public Understanding of Philosophy”, charged with bringing philosophy to as wide an audience as possible in Britain and beyond.

(MP3 format, 14 MB)


What newly-released MI5 archives reveal about American actor Sam Wanamaker

15:57, Fri 16 Oct 2009

Theatre researcher Tony Howard discusses what the newly-released MI5 archives reveal about American actor Sam Wanamaker

(MP3 format, 18 MB)


Rodney Bickerstaffe, Hon LLD

10:55, Tue 21 Jul 2009

The former trade unionist and pensions campaigner speaks ahead of receiving his honorary Doctor of Laws.

(MP3 format, 10 MB)


Val Gooding, CBE, Hon LLD

17:06, Mon 20 Jul 2009

Val Gooding, non-executive director to the BBC's executive board, speaks to the University ahead of receiving her honorary degree.

(MP3 format, 8.0 MB)


Professor Joseph Roach, Hon DLitt

15:48, Mon 20 Jul 2009

Professor Joseph Roach of Yale University, lead of the World Performance Project, who receives an honorary Doctor of Letters.

(MP3 format, 15 MB)


Brenda King, MBE, Hon MA

14:45, Thu 16 Jul 2009

Ms Brenda King, Chief Executive of ACDiversity, speaks to the University ahead of receiving her Honorary Degree.

(MP3 format, 8.6 MB)


David MacKay - Without Hot Air

16:13, Wed 17 Jun 2009

Cambridge Professor, David MacKay, talks about what is required for the UK to be self sufficient on renewable energy. Note: Due to the file size it may take some time to load before playing.

(MP4 format, 287 MB)


IAS Visiting Fellow - Geoff Eley

16:43, Mon 1 Jun 2009

Professor Erica Carter and Christina Achinger of the German Studies department speak to IAS visiting fellow, Geoff Eley (University of Michigan) about interdisciplinarity.

(MP3 format, 41 MB)


International Political Economy Debate - Part Two

16:05, Thu 7 May 2009

A Politics and International Studies department debate on IPE with Mark Blyth, Shirin M Rai, Dr Matthew Watson and Dr Jeffrey Chwieroth.

(MP3 format, 57 MB)


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