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Warwick Podcasts allow you to hear from University experts commenting on important issues, their research and events.

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Bank of England at Warwick

14:44, Fri 22 Oct 2010

Two leading economists, Professor Andrew Sentance and Paul Fisher, both Members of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee discussed the UK economy and the work of the MPC at the University of Warwick's Business School on 20th October. The event was introduced by Professor Mark Taylor, Dean of WBS and chaired by Professor Andrew Oswald.

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Warwick Medical School 10th Anniversary

10:54, Tue 19 Oct 2010

Warwick Medical School (WMS), originally established as part of a partnership with Leicester Medical School, celebrated 10 years of achievement in September. A celebratory event took place at the University on 30 September, attended by invited guests, providing an opportunity to reflect back on the past ten years and to look forward to the future. This video, celebrating the School’s ten years, was shown at the event.

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ELVIN (Electric Vehicle with Interactive Noise)

16:34, Mon 18 Oct 2010

A little green van called ELVIN is whizzing around the University of Warwick as part of a major research project aimed at tackling the safety issues linked to the lack of sound from electric vehicles.

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A question of race and mental health

18:38, Wed 13 Oct 2010

Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry at Warwick Medical School, Professor Swaran Singh discusses his contribution to a special issue of Prospect magazine on race and mental health

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End of Life Care: A discussion between Dr Rodger Charlton and Dr Chris Andry

13:08, Wed 15 Sep 2010

Dr Rodger Charlton Associate Clinical Professor in Medical Education and Lead for GP Specialty Teaching at WMS and Dr Chris Andry from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine explore the issues surrounding End of Life Care and how patients, families and medical staff cope with events during the stressful and often traumatic time when a loved one dies. Dr Chris Andry came to Warwick during 2010 as an IAS Visiting Fellow.

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Care home environment and the effect on resident wellbeing

16:58, Tue 14 Sep 2010

Bart Sheehan and Elizabeth Burton from the University of Warwick discuss their latest paper on care homes and the built environment

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Storytelling and healing in South Africa

11:56, Fri 13 Aug 2010

Early Career Fellow Sorcha Gunne talks about her work on South African post-apartheid literature and whether revealing the 'brutal truth' can heal the troubles of the past

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Professor Peter Mack discusses his new role as Director of the Warburg Institute

14:40, Mon 19 Jul 2010

Professor of English, Professor Peter Mack discusses his new role as Director of the Warburg Institute

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Professor Hilary Pilkington discusses her new book exploring the concept of skinheads in Russia

16:46, Thu 15 Jul 2010

Hilary Pilkington talks about her new book Russia's Skinheads: Exploring and rethinking subcultural lives

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15:08, Wed 14 Jul 2010

No description

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Premium Vehicle Customer Interface Technologies Centre of Excellence

15:50, Wed 9 Jun 2010

PVCIT (Premium Vehicle Customer Interface Technologies) is a Centre of Excellence part funded by Advantage West Midlands (AWM) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to provide support to industry based within the region. The centre is a unique research and development facility that provides companies direct access to the latest product evaluation technologies and processes along with the expertise to identify solutions appropriate to real world engineering problems. Along with project partners, the aim is to build a facility that will stimulate the local economy and help to sustain the technical capability of the region.

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Medieval mason’s marks could spell the end of flat-pack furniture misery

13:28, Fri 4 Jun 2010

A medieval system of marking stone in building work could be a cheap and effective way of ending the modern day frustration of constructing ‘flat-pack’ furniture, according to a University of Warwick academic. Mason’s Marks refer to marks made on the blocks of walling stone and on moulded stone as part of the construction process, and have been in use for centuries. Academics studying the use of the marks at the University of Warwick claim self-assembly furniture manufacturers could learn a lot from the ancient system and save thousands of pounds in production costs.

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German Studies professor Erica Carter speaks about her new book on early filmmaker Béla Balázs

13:56, Wed 2 Jun 2010

Professor Erica Carter from the University of Warwick’s Department of German Studies talks about the release of her new book Béla Balázs: Early Film Theory, the first English translation of the Hungarian's work, and the accompanying exhibition

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Boston University's Prof Cathie Jo Martin talks to Warwick's Prof Wyn Grant about her research in the field of politics and international economics.

11:04, Tue 18 May 2010

IAS Visiting Fellow Prof Cathie Jo Martin, Professor of Political Science at Boston University and chair of the Council for European Studies talks to the University of Warwick's Professor Wyn Grant about her research and new book which focuses on the origins of coordinated capitalism and the circumstances under which employers are persuaded to endorse social policies, promoting economic productivity and social solidarity.

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IAS Visiting Fellow Professor Vivien Schmidt from Boston University speaks to PAIS PhD students Andrew Hammond and Ben Jacoby about her research into political theory.

12:10, Fri 30 Apr 2010

Warwick PhD students Andrew Hammond and Ben Jacoby from the Department of Politics and International Studies interview IAS Visiting Fellow Professor Vivien Schmidt about her research in political theory, the role of the state and democracy in Europe. Professor Schmidt also explains her search for better methodological approaches to studying politics focussing on the interactive processes of discourse.

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IAS Visiting Fellow Professor Vivien Schmidt from Boston University speaks at the Warwick RIPE debate along with Warwick Business School's Professor Colin Crouch and the University of Sheffield's Professor Colin Hay

11:51, Fri 30 Apr 2010

The Department of Politics and International Studies hosted the third annual Warwick RIPE Debate in IPE in collaboration with the Review of International Political Economy. The main speaker at the 2010 debate was Professor Vivien Schmidt of Boston University. She spoke on the theme of 'The Fall, Rise, Fall and Rise of the State within Modern Capitalism - and how to explain it'. The debate was chaired by the Head of PaIS, Professor Ben Rosamond. Additional speakers were two other hugely influential political economy scholars, Professor Colin Hay (University of Sheffield) and Professor Colin Crouch (Warwick Business School), speaking on the same theme. The event took the form of a roundtable discussion about the state and global capitalism.

(MP3 format, 91 MB)


Professor Charles Sheppard - Protecting Indian Ocean Coral Reefs

10:24, Fri 30 Apr 2010

Professor Charles Sheppard from the Department of Biological Sciences talks to Peter Dunn about his research into the biogeography and biodiversity of Indo-Pacific coral reefs, including the development of wide scale reef monitoring programmes. He discusses how important these government protected areas and their wildlife are to sustaining the lives of millions of people living around the Indian Ocean rim. Part of a team of international environmental marine researchers Professor Sheppard aims to preserve a fragile but healthy network of islands that make up the Chagos archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The team are confident that this special remote area of the world will now avoid the threat of overfishing, pollution and climate change that threatens the life of coral reefs across the world.

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Warwick Business School’s Dr Sue Bridgewater, discusses the high pressure world of football management

15:12, Mon 26 Apr 2010

Author of the new book “Football management” Dr Sue Bridgewater from Warwick Business School discusses the high pressure world of Football Management drawing on her own research and management development work working directly with football managers.

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Warwick Business School’s Dr Sue Bridgewater discusses the emergence of global brands in football

15:07, Mon 26 Apr 2010

Author of the new book “Football Brands ” Dr Sue Bridgewater from Warwick Business School draws on her dual expertise in Branding and the business of football to explore how concepts such as loyalty, affiliation, emotional ties with football clubs seem to parallel the relationship between consumer and brand in the broader world of marketing and brands.

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How do we deal with domestic violence?

15:33, Wed 24 Mar 2010

Two new publications from the School of Health and Social Studies tackle the issue of domestic violence. Ravi Thiara talks about her book 'Violence Against Women in South Asian Communities' and Donna Chung discusses her book, 'Domestic Violence: Working with Men'

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