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Why Beauty is Truth - A short history of symmetry

In this podcast series Professor Ian Stewart of Warwick's Department of Mathematics explores the history of symmetry and its impact on mathematics, physics and our understanding of the Universe.

  1. Introducing Symmetry
  2. Babylonian and Greek mathematics and the role of Omar Khayyam
  3. Competitive mathematics in Renaissance Italy
  4. Évariste Galois - the failed revolutionary
  5. Physicists start to notice and Einstein changes everything
  6. Symmetry and Quantum Mechanics
  7. Symmetry, string theory and an equation for everything (plus - could we be living in an asymmetrical universe?)

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Group theory and the failed revolutionary

10:28, Wed 16 May 2007

Professor Ian Stewart talks about the life of Evariste Galois – the failed revolutionary who developed Group Theory and changed the way we think about mathematics, physics and the world around us.

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A short history of symmetry

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Professor Ian Stewart's book, Why Beauty is Truth , is published by Basic Books inc.