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Trends in Nonlinear Analysis

Publisher :BertelsmannSpringer Science + Media

Author:Kirkilionis, M., University of Warwick, UK; Kr?mker, S., University of Heidelberg, Germany; Rannacher, R., University of Heidelberg, Germany; Tomi, F., University of Heidelberg, Germany (Eds.)


Applied mathematics is of one the areas of study that connects scientific observations and their theoretical interpretations.

Non-linear analysis has been responsible for great advances in applied mathematics. As we start the new millennium all branches of science are advancing rapidly, helping to solve many of the central problems of modern society. Mathematical models help to expose structures hidden in these problems and serve as unifying tools to deepen our understanding.

What are the new challenges applied mathematics has to face? Which direction should we develop the classical tools of non-linear analysis? How do new technologies influence the development of the field? How can we now solve formerly impenetrable problems?

This book aims to explore new developments in the field by discussing selected topics from non-linear analysis.