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Translating the Bible

Translating the Bible Jacket
Translating the Bible Jacket

This book presents a literary study of the processes involved in the translation of the Bible. Beginning in Anglo-Saxon times with Bede and Caedmon, Lynn Long discusses the translations of Alfred and Aelfric before exploring the work of Wycliffe, the impact of printing, the rise of Humanism, Tyndale and the sixteenth century editions, and concluding with an account of the King James translation. Set in a literary as well as a theological context, this book examines the attitudes, processes and influences involved in the making of the English Bible.

Dispelling many of the myths and biases promoted by some post-reformation commentators, and using translation theory as a tool for textual analysis, this book will be of particular value to literary studies, biblical studies, medieval and theology scholars.

Translating the Bible is available from the Warwick Authors section of the University Bookshop.

Author: Lynne Long
ISBN: 0754614115
Publisher: Ashgate