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Child Public Health

This is the first book of its kind which focuses on a public health approach to the health and sicknesses of children and young people, who make up about a quarter of the population.

The authors use their extensive clinical and academic expertise to explore the current state of health of our children, the historical roots of the speciality and the relationship between early infant and child health on later adult health.

A chapter on key concepts in the field will help orientate the reader and a number of practical examples are given for those faced with the challenges of dealing with growing levels of mental ill health, obesity and health inequalities in their localities or practices.

An overview of the political and cultural context in which children's public health is practised is difficult to find. The authors of this book have set out to give us just such an overview and they have succeeded admirably.

From the Foreword by David Hall, Professor of Community Paediatrics, University of Sheffield

This book emphasizes the importance of child public health as a rapidly emerging field and puts the health of children centre stage as society's greatest asset. It maps out what needs to be done to promote and protect the health of children not only in the UK, but internationally.

From the Foreword by Sian Griffiths, Senior Fellow in Public Health, Oxford University

Author: Mitch Blair,Tony Waterston, Sarah Stewart- Brown, Rachel Crowther
ISBN: 0-19-263192-6
Publisher: Oxford University Press