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Postgraduate courses that focus on international development:

MA Global Education and International Development

MA Global Education and International Development aspires to re-think education and international development for an increasingly globalised world. You are warmly invited to develop your educational expertise within the Centre for Education Studies, and to join Warwick’s vibrant international development community.

MA Gender and International Development (Sociology/Women’s Studies)

Using material from around the world rather than just Western literature, this course questions the concept of development as it is commonly understood, argues that gender relations are central to international development processes, and critiques theoretical frameworks and practice that are gender blind.

MA in International Development

Without understanding the theoretical arguments framing modern-day practice in international development, there is little hope of challenging dominant narratives and improving outcomes. This course tracks the formulation of debates and asks how inequality, political instability and economic development are linked; whether market shocks reshape political as well as economic frameworks; if economic growth is a good measure of human development; is modernity worth aspiring to in the context of environmental crisis; and why poverty persists in a world of plenty?

MA in International Political Economy

This programme offers interdisciplinary opportunities to address key issues in-depth. PAIS staff are at the cutting edge of IPE research, and the department hosts Britain’s leading IPE research centre, the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation

MA in Public Policy

This programme combines an understanding of descriptive and normative theory with the practice of policy analysis and PAIS’s work on transnational policy-making. It is ideal for students wanting to pursue advanced conceptual studies in Politics but want to give those studies an applied focus.

LLM in International Development Law and Human Rights (Law)

Achieving justice globally means having a robust legal system at the global and national level. This course explores who has access to justice and how. It introduces theories regarding gender and human rights, and the influence of technology and economics on global justice.

MA in Arts, Enterprise and Development (Centre for Cultural Policy Studies)

How are the arts, along with creative and cultural enterprise, increasingly used in policy intervention to stimulate social change and economic growth? This course is about ideas, but also the pragmatic frameworks of cultural and social enterprise. We will look at government agencies, NGOs, charity organisations, and the range of situations that development tries to address – poverty, political and economic crisis, conflict and lack of dialogue, rights, education, identity and heritage. Within this broad context, our focus is on the role of arts and cultural enterprise. Why are major global actors like the UN and EU and many NGOs all increasingly using the arts and culture in their Development