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Subscribed Members





Sam Adelman


legal theory; development and human rights; sovereignty

Briony Jones PAIS Rights and Social Justice; Transitional Justice

Richard Aldrich


cyber security; liberty and privacy; developments in information technology

Shaheen Ali


intersection of Islamic law and jurisprudence; women and child rights and international law of human rights

Miranda Alison


gender and war; wartime sexual violence; gender-based human rights violations

Ana Aliverti


intersections between criminal law and criminal justice, criminal law theory, regulatory criminal law, human rights law, and criminology

Charlotte Allender

Life Sciences

genetic diversity

Firat Akova Philosophy Rights and Social Justice

David Anderson


African history and politics; political violence; civil conflict; security and war, all with particular reference to eastern Africa and the Horn

David Arnott


brand Africa; sustainable development

Irrum Ali Law N/a

Jane Barlow

Mental Health & Wellbeing

role of early parenting in the aetiology of mental health problems

Maxine Berg


global trade and material culture in the early modern world; economic and social history in 18th and early 19th century Britain and Europe; intellectual history

 Dr Nicholas Bernards  Global Sustainable Development Rights and Social Justice; Labour and work, financial inclusion

Gurminder Bhambra


historical sociology; postcolonial studies

Zoe Tongue Law NA Gender

Daniel Branch


Mau Mau; Kenya; contemporary Kenyan politics; comparative counterinsurgency; empire loyalists

Shaun Breslin


political economy of China

Christopher Browning


Security; identity politics; geopolitics

Franco Cappuccio


prevention, detection and management of hypertension; heart; brain; kidneys; circulation; epidemiology; cardiovascular disease; nutrition and health; metabolic abnormalities; cardiovascular risk; ethnic minorities

Nickie Charles


women and gender; gender and social change

 Sarah Hodges History Health; India, South Africa, Tanzania

Melissa Colloff


influence of distinctive facial features on memory processes

Matteo Contino


(Postgraduate Research Student)

John Craner


accounting and auditing in emerging economies
accounting; emerging economies; tax education

David Davies


educational technology; virtual patients; mobile and handheld learning; social and professional networking; digital technologies; global health; education

Renske Doorenspleet


democratic transitions and consolidation; political institutions; party systems in Africa; quantitative and qualitative methodology

Liz Dowler


food ethics, food rights and security; role and relevance of local food initiatives; food and nutrition in mediating inequalities in health and in measuring poverty

Juanita Elias


gendered approaches to international political economy and globalisation; the household in global political economy; political economy of Southeast Asia

Michele Failla


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Tooba Sultan External N/a Gender, Private sector development

Pierre-Philippe Fraiture

French Studies

nineteenth- and twentieth-century French and Belgian literatures; colonial writing and discourses; francophone; postcolonial literature; Sub-Saharan Africa; imperialism; culture; literature and film

Maria Giraudo


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Frances Griffiths

Health Sciences

complexity and health; dynamics and emergence in health; perceptions of health and the impact of health technology; primary health care

Rebecca Evans Health Sciences Health

Sheharyar Hamid


Teaching fellow

Joao Porto de Albuquerque Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies Rights and Social Justice; Urban Sustainable Development

Gillian Hundt

Health Sciences

gender, ethnicity and promoting equity in health

Keith Hyams

PAIS Ethics in International Development, Equity and Justice, and Climate Change Adaptation. .

Mmaki Jantjies

Computer Science

(Postgraduate Research Student)

Silvija Jestrovic

Theatre Studies

issues of performance and exile including identity, space and language

Philip Kaisary


slavery and Atlantic history, especially in relation to the Haitian Revolution and its legacies; law and literature; law in contexts of disaster


James Kennedy

International Office

Not Specified

Joanna Octavia IER Informal Labor, Collective Action, Platform Economy, Internet

David Lambert

Comparative American Studies

slavery and empire in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Jennifer Lander


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Niel Lazarus

English and Comparative Literary Studies

postcolonial literatures and cultures; postcolonial theory; imperialism, nationalism and anticolonial resistance; modernisation/ capitalist modernity/ modernism; globalisation

Kirsty Lee


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Franklyn Lisk

Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation

research and policy analysis on global health governance

Gabrielle Lynch


political salience of ethnic identities; causes of inter-communal violence; reconciliation and transitional justice mechanisms; elections and democratisation

Camilla Maclean


corporate social responsibility; Southern Africa, MNCs, mining and minerals development; community health; governance; decision-making; international development

Sunduzwayo Madise


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Chris McConville


physical and electronic structure of complex oxides; electronic structure of oxide semiconductors

Ana Irache WMS Health

Kamel Mellahi


Corporate political strategy and CSR; strategic failure and renewal; international business strategy; internationalisation strategies of emerging markets firms; African human resources

George Meszaros


public law (with a specific emphasis on judicial review in the United Kingdom)

Kletter Maartje WMS Health

Solange Mouthaan


legal protection of minorities; effective protection of individuals through the International Criminal Court

Marco Haenssgen Global Sustainable Development Health, Technology, Behaviour, Evaluation

Neil Murray

Centre for Applied Linguistics

issues of policy and practice relating to English language; academic literacy in English-medium higher education institutions

Penelope Muzanenhamo


the role of brand Africa

Laura Aichelburg PAIS na na

Jayan Nayar


international law; human rights and development; social movements; theories of non-violent resistance

Lucy Horrocks Public Engagement na

Sophie Nightingale


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Tomi Oladepo

Centre for Cultural Policy Studies

Digital public sphere and democracy in Africa

Colin Oram


engineering design for developing countries; low cost transport; appropriate technology

Goldie Osuri


sovereignty and biopower in relation to colonial and postcolonial governance of religion, race, ethnicity and gender

Johnston-Wilder/Sue Centre for Education Studies

Gender; Empowerment through mathematical resilience education

Abdul Paliwala


globalisation and legal regulation of the digital divide; law and economy in developing countries; information technology in legal education

Victoria Pereyra


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Ricardo Aguilar History Food culture and knowledge about food in early modern America

Mark Philp


political theory and political sociology; political corruption and issues relating to standards in public life; history of political thought

Nicola Pratt


intersections between the politics of the Middle East and feminist international relations theory

Shirin Rai


gender and political economy; democratisation; governance in an era of globalisation

Matthew Reid


(Postgraduate Research Student)

Ben Richardson


international political economy of trade and development, with a focus on agriculture and sugarcane in particular

Rudolf Roemer


solid state physics; theoretical solid state physics; computational physics; disordered materials

Giulia Champion English and Comparative Literary Studies Cultural and Literary Studies with History and Literature focus

Stephanie Schnurr

Centre for Applied Linguistics

workplace discourse including professional and medical settings

Laura Schwartz


modern British history, particularly feminism and domestic workers

Sharifah Sekalala


global health; law and development, especially the impact of global health initiatives on the world’s poorest people


Stan Shire


solar energy; energy storage; phase change materials and thermally driven heat pumps & cooling technology

Swaran Singh


health services; early psychosis; somatisation; and deliberate self-harm; cultural and ethnic factors in mental illness; mental health law; transitions and medical education; youth and minority mental health; service configuration and delivery

Richard Smith

Centre for Applied Linguistics

history of language teaching & applied linguistics; textbook analysis; bottom-up innovation in ELT/TESOL; learner and teacher autonomy

Christian Soegaard


international trade; political economy and industrial organisation

Helen Spencer-Oatey

Centre for Applied Linguistics

social pragmatics; intercultural interaction; intercultural adaptation and change; culture and pedagogy


Dallal Stevens


refugee and asylum law and policy

Ann Stewart


gender justice and postcolonialism

Diane Stone


conceptual frameworks of global public policy; the World Bank and development; think tanks; global knowledge networks

Maria Stuttaford

Institute of Health

health; human right; civil society organisations; inequalities; plural health seeking behaviour; right to health in remote areas; participatory research; applied theatre; social policy; urban and rural settings


William Taylor

Warwick Manufacturing Group

(Senior Teaching Fellow)

Terence Thomas


engineering for developing countries, especially water lifting; building materials; landmine clearance; rainwater harvesting; rural energy; local manufacturing

Margaret Thorogood

Health Sciences

health of older people in sub-Saharan Africa physical activity; nutrition and health

Olalekan Uthman

Warwick Medical School


Rashmi Varma


postcolonial city; postcolonial Indian and African theory; feminism in a global context; representations of indigeneity in postcolonial India

Jonathan Vickery

Centre for Cultural Policy Studies

urban culture, policy and politics; contemporary art and architecture; public culture and the public sphere; creative economy and organisational aesthetics


Illan Wall


post-structural philosophy; political and legal theory; human rights

Qing Wang


marketing research methods and consumer adoption; co-evolution of consumer learning and firm strategies and capabilities; customer relationship marketing; innovative capabilities and branding strategies


Carol Wolkowitz


gender; employment and body studies


Peter Zeh


delivering diabetes care to ethnic diversity