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New Approaches to Co-producing Research with Communities

How can we improve the research we undertake with local communities?

In this project, Dr James Hodkinson (School of Modern Languages and Cultures) and team worked with community groups, third sector organisations, the education sector and heritage industries to improve their access to materials and involve them in the processes and outcomes of research.

The team moved beyond collaboration/ co-production towards co-designed projects, research questions and methods.

Supporting local communities

Several members of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures worked with marginalised groups to help co-develop research themes and questions in different areas.

Professor Kate Astbury

Professor Astbury helped black communities and students to access research materials, shape research questions, create their own archives and resources and art works, ensuring them were co-produced and co-designed.


Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Artists responded to pre-existing research with original work (play), but then also co-developed new research themes and questions out of critical reception of the work.




Professor Fabienne Viala

Professor Viala (pictured below, right) worked with artists to co-create new original film works. The artworks formed key research outputs, which in turn gave rise to new published research and co-created new materials for museum education.



Dr James Hodkinson

Dr Hodkinson pioneered immersive approaches using art to unlock testimony from wider community and create new questions, archives and inform new works Created critical thinking and training spaces for Warwick researchers, from UG students, to PGR, to Professor.


Ongoing activity

  • A training resource film/ package - Relationship building, listening, co-design/co-production, immersive approaches, timelines and processes – shaped by critical reflection from collaborators

  • CO-LAB – A forum to broker new relationships, methods between researchers and partners

  • Continued enhancement and innovation – Corinne Jaber, Suman Gujral and the Together/Apart Programme (Autumn 2022)

  • ‘Staging Legacy’ – comparative/reflective shared platform in SMLC

  • Ethics procedures

Professor Fabienne Viala. Image credit Hollis Photography.