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Changing Expectations (Royal Society, 2019)

The Changing Expectations programme brought together researchers from across academia, industry and government in a series of workshops to encourage them to think differently about the barriers to good research culture such as research integrity, recognition and reward, diversity and support for collaboration and interdisciplinarity.

Throughout 2017, the Society held a series of innovative workshops entitled Visions of 2035 that provided space for researchers to envision an ideal research culture and think through ways of moving towards it.

The programme explored:
  • How the UK can promote cultural conditions that will best enable excellent research through a national dialogue with the research community and that aims to understand how best to ‘steward research culture through a shifting research landscape’

  • The areas of Recognition and Esteem, Setting Culture, A Culture of Mobility, Open Science and Fostering Scientific Leadership

  • ’Top-down’ actions – the role that public policy, funding and research assessment frameworks play in setting the incentives that shape research culture

  • ‘Bottom-up’ actions – the potential for researchers to catalyse behavioural and attitudinal change at the level of research groups and institutions, and how this might bubble up to form new social norms.

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