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Which Should I Do?

Follow the option streams below to get some suggestions for which of our courses and materials might be of most use to you.

Please note - our catalogue is still growing fast! Please excuse the gaps and watch this space for more.

Computer Basics

  1. I've got this desktop from SCRTP - help! : Intro to the SCRTP Desktop
  2. I need to use a computer I'm not sat at : Remote Access to Computers

Software Development and Programming

  1. I can't program yet: help!
    1. Check out all the external resources we collate here.
    2. Watch this space for our basic programming online course!
  2. I can code, but I can't write anything - how do I actually solve problems?
    1. We have a short tips video here
    2. And a longer walkthrough (in Fortran) of writing code from scratch here
  3. I can program - what skills and tools do I need to write larger/better software?
    1. I want a quick primer to get me started : Intro. Software Development Short
    2. No, shorter than that! : Intro. Software Development Hour
    3. I've got time, I want all the details! : Intro. Software Development
    4. I just want to know about:
      1. Version control with Git
      2. Makefiles for compiled code
  4. I can program, but I need to learn a new language. We cover syntax, basic best practice and list resources to take you further.
    1. Fortran
  5. I want to improve or expand my knowledge of a specific thing
    1. Better Python where performance matters - Accelerating Python
  6. I'm just looking for tips/advice:
    1. Try following our blog where we post all kinds of tips and discussions from data structures to general programming ideas
    2. Or our (almost) weekly miniseminars on all sorts of topics here
    3. Send us topic ideas on rse{@} and we'll post or rant about them
    4. Try our forum if you want advice or have a problem with code or a programming problem

Parallel Programming and HPC

  1. I am struggling to get my work done on my laptop, can clusters computing help: Big Computing Introduction
  2. I want to run codes on big machines but don't know how: HPC Beyond
  3. I want to write parallel (multi-core) programs:
    1. I don't know what kind of parallelism! : Parallelism Primer
    2. I write C (or C++) or Fortran and I will use MPI...
      1. but I have never tried it: Introduction to MPI
      2. I know Send/Recv and basic collectives but sometimes things are so inelegant this way! : Intermediate MPI
      3. I know MPI - is there anything left? : Check out our Advanced Topics!
    3. I write C (or C++) or Fortran and I will use OpenMP: OpenMP