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Which Should I Do?

Follow the option streams below to get some suggestions for which of our courses might be of most use to you.

Please note - our catalogue is still growing fast! Please excuse the gaps and watch this space for more.

Computer Basics

  1. I've got this desktop from SCRTP - help! : Intro to the SCRTP Desktop

Parallel Programming and HPC

  1. I want to run codes on big machines but don't know how: HPC Beyond
  2. I want to write parallel (multi-core) programs:
    1. I don't know what kind of parallelism! : Parallelism Primer
    2. I write C (or C++) or Fortran and I will use MPI...
      1. but I have never tried it: Introduction to MPI
      2. I know Send/Recv and basic collectives but sometimes things are so inelegant this way! : Intermediate MPI
      3. I know MPI - is there anything left? : Check out our Advanced Topics!

Software Development and Programming

  1. I can't program yet: help!
    1. Check out all the external resources we collate here.
    2. Watch this space for our basic programming online course!
  2. I can program - what skills and tools do I need to write larger/better software?
    1. I want a quick primer to get me started : Intro. Software Development Short
    2. No, shorter than that! : Intro. Software Development Hour
    3. I've got time, I want all the details! : Intro. Software Development
    4. I just want to know about:
      1. Version control with Git
      2. Makefiles for compiled code
  3. I'm just looking for tips/advice:
    1. Try following our blog where we post all kinds of tips from data structure to general programming ideas
    2. Send us topic ideas on rse{@} and we'll post about them
    3. Try our forum if you want advice or have a problem with code or a programming problem