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Programme (provisional)

The programme is provisional and subject to change. It should serve as a indication of the broad topics that will be explored. There will be time during the hands-on sessions for participants to explore parallelisation of their own R scripts/codes on Sulis with hands-on support from local experts.

Day 1

Morning session
  • Introduction to the Sulis HPC service
  • Using the command line to execute R scripts
  • Remote shells via SSH
    • Key based access and two-factor authentication
    • Copying files to/from remote systems
    • Remote home directory
  • Accessing software from the command line
    • Environment modules
    • Installing R packages
Afternoon session
  • Using batch queues
    • Walltime / accounting
    • Interactive jobs
    • Estimating resource requirements
    • Writing batch scripts
  • Persistent remote sessions

Day 2

Morning session
  • Parallelising computation using threads
    • mcapply, parallel foreach and associated pitfalls
    • Batch scripts for multi-threaded computations
  • Parallelisation over multiple R instances and job scripts
    • Pros and cons of various approaches
  • Load considerations
Afternoon session
  • Designing workflows and integrated solutions
    • ClusterMQ on HPC
  • Further reading