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  1. Data from the PSA briefing on 27 March 2012, at the IoG, London.
  2. For example, a short vox populi on BBC 1 New at Ten on Friday 23 March asked random voters in Leicester and Bradford who a photograph of their local political leader was: most in Leicester recognised Sir Peter Soulsby, the Mayor of Leicester, none recognised Ian Greenwood, the council leader of Bradford. Ironically, perhaps, the radical George Galloway won the previously safe Labour parliamentary seat of Bradford West by-election on 29 March 2012 with a 10,000 majority (56 per cent of the vote) and beat the Labour candidate Imran Hussain whose vote declined 20 per cent on the previous election.
  3. Figures quoted by Tom Gash at the IfG event in Birmingham on 29 March 2012.
  4. Reported in the News & Star 30 March 2012.
  5. Quoted at the IfG event in Birmingham on 29 March 2012.
  6. Ironically the current debacle of Italy has seen the rule of the charismatic Berlusconi displaced by what has become known as the rule of the technocrats – the expert economists placed in control to steady the ship.