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About the 2007 Warwick Commission

commission-logo-small.jpgOver the next year, the Commission, led by the Hon. Pierre Pettigrew PC, will be examining the global trading system and making recommendations about its future shape and direction.

During 2007, the Commission will take evidence from a wide range of experts from around the globe. It will be approaching politicians, pressure groups, practitioners, academics, lawyers and other people and groups who work in the field.

However, the Commission does not want to limit its field of witnesses to the acknowledged experts. Background papers and other Commission documentation will be published on this website to inform debate. In this way, the Commission hopes to encourage contributions from individuals and groups, who can use this website to submit their views directly to the Commissioners.

The Commission’s report was presented in Geneva in December 2007.

We hope that you will agree that the Warwick Commission is an exciting opportunity to shape the future of the multilateral trading system and that you will play a part in its work.

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