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Right to Study and Welcome Support

All full time, non-British/non-Irish students, will need to attend an in-person right to study check event on arrival at the University of Warwick to complete enrolment for your course. If you have selected for your BRP to be received by Warwick under the Alternative Collection Location (ACL) provision, you will also be able to collect your BRP at this event. You will receive information on how to book an appointment for the event after you have completed Course Registration (online). Please make sure you have booked an appointment before coming to the event.

Please note, you cannot take part in any study until you have completed both Course Registration (online) and cleared the in-person checks. Once all cleared, you will be sent an email with confirmation that you are now fully enrolled on your course and at the same time your enrolment status will be updated to "Fully Enrolled".

If you are due to receive an SLC maintenance loan from Student Finance England, or are due to receive a stipend, you will need to have attended your right to study check appointment before funds will be released to you, so please book your appointment as early as available.

Making an Appointment

From Tuesday 3 October 2023, students needing to attend a right to study check event before commencing their studies, should book an appointment via

You will need to have completed Course Registration before being able to book and attend your appointment. You may need to wait 24 hours after completing Course Registration before being able to access MyAdvantage. While you should make every effort to attend an appointment as soon as one is available following your arrival, you do not need to attend an appointment/collect your BRP within 10 days as your BRP will be with the University safely and will not be returned to the UKVI.

You must make sure you complete Course Registration before you attend your appointment, and once you have arrived in the UK, please upload your Evidence of Entry to the UK via the Enrolment DashboardLink opens in a new window. You need to have completed Course Registration first to have access to the Enrolment Dashboard.

Attending your Appointment

Please make sure you only attend at your booked time. During the appointment, our friendly staff will check your immigration documents and provide you with your BRP card (if it has been received by the University). In addition 'welcome support' will be provided to assist you by highlighting the administrative tasks you should complete in your first week, sharing top tips and practical advice about settling in the UK.

What to bring with you:

All students should bring your Warwick Student ID card, if you have already received this

Welcome Support

International students completing their right to study checks will also be able to receive advice at their appointment on things like registering with the NHS, getting a UK phone number, opening a UK bank account, what to do if your passport or BRP card is lost and where to get support.

Further Guidance

There are some Enrolment FAQs which you may find helpful. If you have a specific query regarding the collection of your BRP, please contact If your query is regarding Course Registration, please contact