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Virtual Learning Environment

Access to resources and activities simplified
The best platform for extending your classroom online
A single online location for students to access your modules activities and resources. Build a space to suit the structure of your course.


  • All modules in one location with notifications of upcoming assessments and activities
  • Clear and consistent module structure
  • Automated management of students and contributors
  • Students can track their progress, monitor achievements and grades
  • Individual spaces for all modules easily accessed via a single platform

VLE module spaces at Warwick with Moodle

Moodle is an open source learning management system with a large community of practitioners. At Warwick, Moodle has various custom elements and plugins to support a broad scope of teaching practices.

Benefits of using Moodle module spaces

  • Registered students have immediate access to your space
  • Templates make it easy to get started importing and arranging content
  • Control of access to sections, resources and activities, limit access by groups or individuals
  • Automate access based on date, completion of previous activity or achieving a set grade
  • Organise students in to groups for group activities, access and marking
  • Track student progress and identify areas of difficulty
  • Get a head start on the new term with automated yearly rollover of content
  • Integration of Lecture Capture, Reading Lists and Student Module Feedback
VLE Accessibility Statement
VLE Effective Practice Guidance

Example Recipes - How VLEs can be used to enhance your teaching.

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