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Communicating and Collaborating

Moodle supports communication between editors and students as well as student-led activities and collaboration using a number of commonly used tools. Effective use of these tools supports increased student engagement.

  • Announcements - to notify students of key events. This is available on all Moodle spaces by default but may be hidden.
  • Discussion forums - enable students and staff to exchange ideas by posting threaded comments.
  • Wiki - a simple, flexible tool for collaboration used to create simple lists of web links or entire encyclopedias.
  • Blog - a more personal page suited to individual or small group discussion and reflective writing.
  • Chat - allows course members to hold real-time, text-based conversations with other course members. Different chat rooms can be set up for the same course and for different groups.
  • Upcoming Events and Calendar blocks - helps students keep track of upcoming due dates and events in a course. They are linked to the Calendar and automatically updated when activities with due dates are added.

These activities are also useful for collaborative working:

  • Database - allows students and/or instructors to populate, display, search, and comment on a bank of record entries.
  • Glossary - a collection of terms and definitions that course participants can search, browse and add new entries to.
  • Workshop - enables the collection, review, and peer assessment of students' work.


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