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Visitor access to Moodle

This guide explains how external eligible people (as shown on the Card Office website under the IT services account columnLink opens in a new window) can be issued with an IT account linked to a University ID number in order to access Moodle.

Please note:

  • You must only use this process where the person is not already recorded in student records (SITS) or the HR system
  • For visiting academics, please contact 
  • We do not recommend nor support the use of ext-user accountsLink opens in a new window. These cannot be used with enrolment rules and do not link to external systems such as MS Teams or SITS.

How to request visitor access to Moodle

1. Contact your departmental administrator or departmental contact for academic technologies to ask if they have the facility to create these accounts via access to the University membership or card management systems.

If they are not able to create these accounts, please follow the additional steps:

2. Use the Request an IT account for a visitorLink opens in a new window form via the Help Desk.

3. Fill in the online form. Under For what purpose is an ITS account required? please write Access to Moodle. In any communication with the IT Help Desk it is always worth reiterating that these accounts are being requested in order to allow access to Moodle.

4. Download the Excel spreadsheet.

5. Complete the spreadsheet. Please note the spreadsheet is macro-enabled. When completing it, open it in Excel and allow the macros by selecting Enable content. Please fill in at least the following required fields: Forename, Surname, External email address, Date of birth, Start date and End date. If you wish to request visitor access for multiple people, add everyone to one spreadsheet.

6. Save the file to your PC.

7. Attach the file to the online form.

8. Submit the online form.

What next?

  • A University ID number with the associated visitor account will be created on the University membership system for each individual you have made a request for. You will be notified when this has taken place.
  • Activate the account(s) via using the University ID number and date of birth. Accounts will be available for use and will appear automatically in Moodle within 24 hours.
  • Information on how to login to Moodle can be found in this guideLink opens in a new window. Visitors must have logged into Moodle at least once in order to appear in the user list so they can be added to courses by departments.

Visitor account holders are eligible for a University card that can be collected from University House (staff), or Senate House (students).

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.10 and was last updated September 2021.


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