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Amber Thomas

Head of Academic Technologies, ITS Warwick.

Catherine Allen

Independent VR producer, BBC producer, Warwick Alumnus.

Chris Evans


Daniel Course

E-Learning Developer, WMG.

Daniel Harrison

Service Owner, ITS.

Darren Stobbs

Network Specialist, IT Services.

David Hopkins


Dr Clare Rowan

Classics and Ancient History.

Dr Robert O'Toole

Senior Academic Technologist ITS, design anthroplogy researcher.

I have little experience of either creating or using VR. However, after experiencing VR productions at the Sheffield Doc/Fest in 2016 (Easter Rising, We Wait), I can understand the significance of the new technologies and creative possibilities. I co-wrote the bid for the kick-start project, with Amber Thomas.

I am keen to create VR content that interprets places at Warwick in new ways. I am also interested in the use of VR to create immersive recordings of teaching and research events (for example, a 360 recording of a round table discussion).

I am also interested in the use of VR for postcolonial studies, producing VR content with other universities to give an immersive experience of places and people around the world. For example, a VR film about a village in Botswana.

Ian Mason

Systems Analyst, Learning Spaces & Collaborative Environments, Warwick.

I've been following the slow progres of VR and believe it's something we should be experimenting with. I'm interested to see how we could use VR as an immersive teaching tool, as well as facilitate distance and collaborative learning. VR gives us the ability to do things not humanely possible, I think we should take advantage of that.

Karen Borrows


Leighton Joskey

Change Lead, Human Resources.

Mark Kirya


Nicholas Riley


Philip Tutty

E-learning Technologist, WMG.

Ray Irving


Rob Batterbee

IT, Careers and Skills.

Steve Ranford

Digital Humanities, Warwick.

Tim Hollies

Digital Humanities.