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Digital Learning Environment

extended classroom students working

The Digital Learning Environment is a suite of technologies that can be used to facilitate and promote good teaching practices and extend your teaching and the learning experience for students beyond the confines of standard teaching spaces in-class and online.

A set of teaching and learning tools designed to enhance a student's learning experience by offering a single location for students to access course material, complete online activities and receive feedback.

Use the tools available at Warwick to deliver learning content locally and remotely to groups of any size.

Provide richer learning and assessment experiences for your students by integrating video and audio. Use multimedia as part of assignment submissions, feedback and topic specific content.

Deliver online exams and other assessments to students using Questionmark Perception. Author questions, quizzes and exams, schedule secure exams through a web browser, set up automated and mediated marking, and access rich reporting and analysis. Explore Moodle for alternative assessments.

Services to help streamline assignments, tests, online exams in a diverse range of assessment types.

Add a discursive element to your Moodle Module Space, encouraging students to respond with their own ideas and questions.

Immediate feedback for teachers and students. Personal response teaching enable responsive teaching, peer learning and active learning in large-group teaching.

Support with end-of-module Student Module Feedback data collection and analysis. Advanced reports on individual modules, aggregated data across a single year, or data on a particular module across multiple years.

Online learning record that provides evidence of achievement and facilitates students' reflection on their own learning, leading to more awareness of learning strategies and needs.

Clearly structure course readings within your module. Integrating access to a wide range of topic specific resources, identifying essential and supplementary readings.

Streamlined lecture recordings, published online so students can study the lecture again, bookmarking particular points or filling in missing notes at their convenience, ideal for revision.

Fast, efficient and reliable method of automatic marking for multiple choice exams. Comprehensive analysis of student performance, breakdown of results, questions and test performance.

Build engaging interactive content using H5P, lessons and quizzes in Moodle.

Easily collaborate online. Plan, create, and discuss with Padlet and Microsoft Teams