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During 2017/18 at Warwick University we are taking a fresh look at our Module Evaluation approach. This is governed by the Student Learning Experience and Engagement Committee (SLEEC).

This page serves as a knowledge base for the technology aspects of this review. Technology aspects can't be looked at in isolation from the overall pedagogical and policy context, so this also links off to other areas of the review work.

A Technology Approach Working Group was convened by Amber Thomas on 1st March 2018. Please see the Summary Paper for that meeting, which includes details of participants. This was informed by the WIHEA Learning Circle on Module Evaluation led by Professor Gwen van der Velden (open to WIHEA Fellows only), and also fed into a Policy strand.

This is the concept map of a Module Evaluation technology approach:


Evidence that has fed into the Service Design decisions:

Summary Paper to Technology Approach working group, 1st March 2018

SLIDES Update to Open Forum on Module Evaluation, 7th February 2018

Survey Report Draft Survey Results, 6th February 2018.

Paper: SLEEC.03/17-18. The purpose of this paper is to seek agreement in principle for a revised approach to the way in which the institution invites students to feed back on their experience of modules. See Resources list on WIHEA Learning Circle page

Relevant context to the service design is the withdrawal of the paper scanning service currently used for module evaluation by many departments. Consultation Document: IT Services Withdrawal of the Scanning Service September 2017.