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Add a choice activity

This guide details how to add a choice activity. The choice activity enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses.

A choice activity may be used:

  • As a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic
  • To quickly test students' understanding
  • To facilitate student decision-making, for example allowing participants to vote on a direction for the course.

Different settings allow for choice results to be published after students have answered, after a certain date, or not at all. Results may be published with student names or anonymously.

How to set up a Choice activity
  1. In the relevant Moodle space, click Turn editing on.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource in the appropriate section.
  3. Select Choice from the list.
  4. Give the Choice activity a Name.
  5. Give the Choice activity a Description including instructions and the question the participants are responding to.
  6. Select to Display description on course page if applicable.
  7. In the Display mode for the choice options drop-down, select whether the options should be presented vertically or horizontally.
  8. Under Choice, select Yes for Allow choice to be updated if you allow participants to change their choice while the activity is still open.
  9. If you allow students to select multiple options, select Yes for Allow more than one choice to be selected.
  10. If you want to limit the number of students who can select each option, select Yes for Limit the number of responses allowed. This might be useful where students sign up for groups where groups have a maximum number of students.
  11. Enter each choice in the option fields, and enter limit numbers if you have enabled limiting. Click Add 3 field(s) to form if you need to add more options.
  12. Under Availability, you have the option to select dates and times for which you want this Choice to be available. You can also select Show preview to make a preview available before the Choice is opened for submission.
  13. Under Results, you can select whether and when to publish the results to students. If you publish results to students, you can choose whether to display unanswered results and whether to include inactive/suspended users.
  14. Enter settings for Restrict AccessLink opens in a new window if relevant.
  15. Click Save and display to check that the activity displays as you wish.
How to view responses of a Choice activity
    1. In the Moodle space, click on the Choice activity.
    2. Click View responses to view all responses given so far.

    More information on the Choice activity is available at Moodle Docs.Link opens in a new window

    Please watch the Moodle video below for more (03:35):

    The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.10 and was last updated September 2021.


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