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Polls and Q&A in Vevox

This guide describes the Vevox polling and question & answer (Q&A) type questions and how to create and add them to Powerpoint or use them via the Vevox dashboard,

Vevox polls are individual questions that can be posed to students during a session to check understanding, gather feedback or opinions. The Vevox Q&A forum can be used to allow students to post questions or to respond to a question stimulus sent in by the teacher before, during or after a session. Polls and the Q&A forum can be used together in the same session or only one of them.

Before you can set up and run Vevox activities, you have to:

  1. Request a licensed account.
  2. Log in to Vevox.
  3. Set up a Vevox session in the dashboard.


In PowerPoint

You can run Vevox polls from within PowerPoint. If you are on a University managed machine, please download the Vevox add-in from the Software Center. If you are not on a University managed machine, please download the add-in from the Vevox website.

The Vevox PowerPoint add-in is only available for Windows machines. If you are using an Apple device, please use the dashboard method described below.

With the Vevox add-in installed, you can run Vevox polls from within PowerPoint:

  1. Log in to the Vevox session in PowerPoint.
  2. Create a new poll in the PowerPoint add-in. You cannot 'import' polls that already exist in the Vevox session because they were created in the dashboard. For Vevox polls that are to be used in PowerPoint, they have to be created in PowerPoint.
  3. Present your polls with the PowerPoint add-in.
  4. Log in to the Vevox dashboard to access and download your poll results.

In the dashboard

  1. Create a poll.
  2. Run the poll. There are two options:
  3. Access and download your poll results from the data section in the dashboard.
If you only want to use polls, make sure that you switch the Q&A forum off as it is switched on by default for all newly created Vevox sessions.


In every newly created Vevox session, the Q&A forum is enabled by default with moderation switched on. The Q&A forum can only be managed from within the dashboard (optionally with present view), not in PowerPoint. You can run your polls in PowerPoint and manage the Q&A forum from within the dashboard.

In the dashboard

  1. Ensure that the Q&A forum is enabled.
  2. Decide whether you want moderation switched on or off.
  3. Decide whether you want the newest, oldest or most liked messages to appear at the top of the Q&A forum.
  4. Run the Q&A forum:
    • In the dashboard which is suitable when you don't want to or cannot share the screen, for example when collecting responses or questions before a session (as asynchronous activity). You might want to highlight your favourite responses in preparation for the session. In another scenario, you might run out of time in your synchronous session and want to respond to unanswered questions afterwards. Answer Q&A from within the dashboard explains all the details.
    • In the present view which is suitable for when you want to share your screen during a live presentation:
      1. Launch the present view from within the dashboard.
      2. Run the Q&A forum in the present view.
  5. Access and download your Q&A results from the data section in the dashboard.
Even though Vevox integrates with Microsoft Teams, you cannot manage and control the Q&A forum and polling in Teams. Only the audience (students) can connect to a Vevox session and respond to Vevox polls, Q&A and surveys in Teams.
The information on this page relates to Vevox and was last updated February 2021.


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