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Two-step Authentication Guide

Enable two-step authentication

All staff and students must use two-step authentication to keep all user accounts and University systems & data secure.

How does it work?

When two-step is enabled it provides an extra layer of security when you sign in on a new device. The extra layer is a code you enter when signing in. For work areas and shared devices, it is better to get a new code each time you sign in.

How to get it

To enable two-step authentication on your phone, you can install an authenticator app or ask for the code to be sent via a text message.

Two layers of security

Two layers of security

This gives you two layers of security: your password and the code on your device.

List of emergency backup codes

What if I can't use my phone?

Don’t worry, there are two options but both will need to be set up in advance. You can either get a set of backup codes or use a different authenticating app on a separate device. You can get a set of 10 backup codes to printout and keep with you for emergency use.

Use each emergency code once

How to use the codes

Each code can only be used once; your two-step page will tell you which codes you’ve used. If you lose your codes, new ones can easily be generated from your Warwick two step authentication page.

Authenticating from your laptop

You can also authenticate from your laptop

If you’d like to set up an authenticator app on your laptop or other device please see the instructions here.

Saving your code for personal devices

Save time while signing in from personal devices

If you're using a personal device you can set an option so you’re not asked for a code every time you sign in. Use the ‘Don’t ask for a code again on this device’ option and pick an appropriate time period. It is better not to do this on a shared device.

All done

All done!

That’s how it works. To get set up follow the instructions for your specific phone type.

Please note IT Services will NEVER ask you for your two-step code over the phone or in an email.

If you need help the two-step phone number is 024 76 575000.