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Course pages

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The course page is where you can access course content such as digital resources and activities.

Course pages may differ in appearance depending on the tutor, however please rest assured the functionality is very similar.

Course content

Course content is usually divided into sections, by topic or by week. Within these sections, tutors can provide a range of resources and activities to support your studies.

Example resources and activities

  • General module information
  • Announcements (copies also sent by email)
  • Lecture notes/handouts (e.g. PDF, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Reading lists
  • Web links
  • Video content, including lecture recordings
  • Discussion forums
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments

You can also filter content by activity type by clicking the This module link in the site menu.

The Moodle course page (click to enlarge).

Alternative file formats

You can download files from Moodle in a variety of alternative formats, wherever you see the alternative formats icon.

This capability is brought to you by a digital accessibility tool called Blackboard Ally.

Collapsible menus

The course index

The course index is a collapsible drawer to the left side of a Moodle course. Click the  course index button to expand the view.

The course index helps you to easily navigate through a course. Click a topic heading to jump down the page, or click an activity/resource to open it.

The course index (click to enlarge).

The blocks drawer (click to enlarge).

The blocks drawer

The blocks drawer is also collapsible and contains additional content items to the right side of the Moodle course. Click the block drawer button to expand the view.

Popular blocks include:

  • Lecture capture (Echo360)
  • Reading list
  • Table of contents

What next?

Please review our other Moodle student guides for advice on getting started.