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How to upload your files

    1. If you are required to upload any working out for the test, please click the ‘next assessment’ button immediately after you have finished answering your questions. You have a pre-set amount of time allocated to upload your working. This time starts immediately after you have submitted your questions.


    1. Please remember that you need to combine all images of your working out into a single PDF file to upload.

Successful upload of the file of your workings requires:

    • The maximum file size is 5MB
    • The file is saved as a pdf
    • The filename structure is: university ID number_module number of the test; e.g. 21xxxxx_ES2B1


    1. To upload a file, please click the browse button beside the first box. From the pop-up window, click ‘Choose file’ to select the file you want from your directories. To select the file, single-click the file and press ‘open’, or double-click the file to select it. Once you have selected the file, you will be able to see the file name in the box on the popup window. Please check if you have selected the correct file. If you have selected the wrong file, press cancel and select a new file using the same steps as before. When you have chosen the correct file, click the ‘submit’ button to confirm your choice.


    1. Once you have successfully submitted the file, the submit button will be greyed out. Please check again and if the name of the file is correct. A new button will appear which allows you to close the popup window.


    1. When you are directed back to the main test window, the file you have uploaded will appear listed in the first upload section.


    1. Please leave the second upload box empty if you have already uploaded the correct file in the first box. If you have accidentally chosen the wrong file, please upload the correct file in the second box, repeating the same procedure.
    2. If you do not upload any files in the first box, you will be redirected back onto the upload page and you will not be able to submit the examination working out until you upload a file.
    3. To upload your selected files to the server, you must click the ‘Submit’ button on the right side of the screen within the upload time limit. If the submit button is not clicked, your files will not be saved, and your answers may not be considered for marking. Once you click submit, there will be a message pop up. Please click ‘Yes’ to confirm.


    1. The file upload may take a few moments to work. After a successful upload, a confirmation message will appear.


    1. If this does not happen, please send the file to within the permitted upload time period. If your submission is late, please send your mitigating circumstances application along with the file in order for it to be considered eligible for marking.