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Quality, timely feedback...

E-Submission and E-Feedback systems have been developed to enable departments to meet the 4-week turnaround commitment for feedback as outlined in the Warwick Student Community Statement.

Moodle screenshot largeAssessment, Submission and Feedback: Developing On-Line Responses

A key area highlighted in student feedback is the need for timely, quality feedback on assessed work and a better managed system for the distribution of this feedback. IT Services have continued to develop the ‘Tabula’ system, which helps departments give you timely, quality feedback on their coursework assignments.

ITS have improved the coursework management component of Tabula. You can keep track of pending assignments, receive reminders emails before deadlines, submit assignments and receive their marks and feedback using this system.

"Having everything online makes submitting coursework and getting your feedback for it so much easier. You can track everything online and you get an email when your mark and feedback is ready so you don't have to go in to campus and rifle through piles of printed feedback."


We have since introduced workflows for seen second marking and moderated marking, as well as enhanced the tools for administrators to manage assignment submissions and the marking process using Tabula. Improving the process of submitting, marking and returning assignments has the end result of students receiving timely, quality feedback.

"The system proved very easy for academics to use, and it has proved to be exceptionally effective ... By 4pm, 122 students had retrieved their feedback. This indicates 97% delivery within one working day." – Professor Roger Leng


Moodle, the online learning environment, has been used by over a dozen departments to build an interactive learning space for undergraduate modules. In many departments, Moodle is also used for the electronic submission of assessment and quizzes and has supported the development of high quality, timely feedback to students. Moodle has helped departments bring together learning resources and activities in one space, making it easier to find what you need for your module. Moodle has also allowed departments to provide interactive activities such as quizzes, forums, and workshop tools to complement your existing classroom - and lecture-based activities, and allowed you to interact with teaching staff wherever you might be.

Moodle has allowed us to manage 15 different assessed activities within our tutorial programme. Thanks to moodle, we have been able to return feedback on all of these assessments within two weeks of submission” - Professor John McCarthy

Following feedback, we have been constantly improving Moodle and the learning opportunities it provides. We have improved the design to make it easier to find information about your modules, enhanced existing tools with new quizzes and assignment features, and introduced new functionality such as integration with the new lecture capture system. All of these changes have made it easier to find the material you need and to get feedback on your progress.