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NSS incentives

We really value the feedback you provide to help us to shape the teaching and learning experience at Warwick. Although the NSS is only one of the ways that you can engage with the University on course-related matters, it is an important source of information and that's why we offer incentives to encourage healthy (and representative) response rates across all departments.

What University incentive is available?

The University is using a prize draw in which all students eligible to complete the NSS will be entered. Prizes will include:

  • Two £100 cash prizes
  • Four £50 and 35 £20 Love2Shop vouchers
  • Four £50 and 40 £20 Amazon vouchers
How does a departmental incentive scheme work?

Where necessary to achieve a healthy response rate, departments can spend up to a maximum of £5 per student* to encourage survey participation. Departments should consult their students to decide which incentive scheme to use. Departments can either choose one charitable scheme to support or administer their own prize draw (as below).

*eligible to complete the NSS in 2024

Charitable schemes

Departments should consult with students to choose a charitable scheme (see below). The total value of money to be donated will depend on the number of students who have responded. Departments can choose to keep the donation at a fixed amount (e.g. £4 per respondent) or vary the donation made per respondent as specific response rate milestones are reached.

For example, once a department has reached 50% response rate, the donation per student might be increased from £3 to £4 and then increased to £5 again once a response rate of 80% is reached.

Prize schemes

Departments should consult with students as to what prize scheme might be appealing. Departments can choose to keep the total fund used for prize(s) at a fixed figure or can increase the total prize fund as specific response rate milestones are reached.

For example, once a department has met 50% response rate, the prize fund is £50. This will increase to £100 (perhaps two prizes) when the response rate reaches 75%.

How do students choose which Charity the donation goes to?

Did you know that Warwick is a charity? Just through completing your NSS survey, you could help change another student’s life. Your donations will make a huge impact in helping students from less privileged backgrounds access Warwick and thrive here.

The current Giving to Warwick projects are:

  • WMS Hardship Fund, widening access to an education in medicine by ensuring no student has to make the choice between pursuing medicine and working to support themselves. At Warwick Medical School (WMS), our students come from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them unique experiences and perspectives that enrich our community. However, medical students face acute financial pressures, due to working unsociable hours and the need to buy expensive specialty items from stethoscopes to textbooks. Without intervention, many talented future doctors may not advance into the profession, hindered further by the rising cost of living.
  • Institute for Global Pandemic Planning, by establishing an Institute for Global Pandemic Planning, the University of Warwick will combine world-class expertise to develop comprehensive solutions for global leaders struggling to respond to the health, social, economic and psychological impacts of pandemics.

    Through the Institute, Warwick will rapidly mobilise an interdisciplinary response group of experts to advise governments. We will also create a robust pipeline of doctoral students to expand worldwide scientific leadership on managing pandemics.

  • Student Support, working with school students to prepare them for University and providing financial assistance. At Warwick, we want to provide access to higher education for all students who aspire to study here, regardless of their circumstances. Gifts to Student Support ensure that students from backgrounds with low-progression rates are able to access higher education, provide school-aged children in Coventry with the opportunity to discover their pathway into higher/further education and equity of opportunity for current students to volunteer and undertake internships and international experiences, such as the Warwick in Africa programme.
  • IntoUniversity, giving school-aged children in Coventry the opportunity to discover routes into higher/further education and unlock their full potential.

    Warwick has partnered with IntoUniversity to fund an education outreach centre in the heart of Coventry where young people are inspired to achieve. IntoUniversity is a national education charity with a mission to raise the aspirations of young people from the poorest homes across the UK. These young people face a considerable educational disadvantage – statistically they do far less well at school, they are less likely to go to university and they have little chance of entering the professions. Last year, 59% of sixth form students attending the Coventry centre progressed to higher education compared to the 30% local average. That’s the difference your support can make.

  • Warwick in Africa, supporting teachers to provide young people in Africa an enhanced learning experience and the best opportunities possible. All children deserve the best education and Warwick in Africa aims to provide that by motivating and inspiring teachers to become the heroes of their own stories by providing them with moral and practical support in a non-directive manner. WiA helps to reinvigorate the school experience by sending dynamic and energetic students to provide assistance in the classroom during the summer months and connecting our partners to opportunities and cutting-edge research to assist them with developing their craft.

    We hold our core values at the heart of everything we do. These are: Collaboration, Respect, Aspiration, Impact, Commitment and Resilience.

  • Centre for Ancient Greek Culture and Study, ensuring that lessons from the past are shared and enjoyed by younger generations. Philanthropic support enabled the Warwick Classics Network (WCN) to expand their incredibly important work in supporting and encouraging the teaching of Classical Civilisation and Ancient History in schools across the UK, and especially in Warwickshire and Coventry. The WCN continues to grow each year, engaging with communities, schools and other organisations, now also acting as a regional hub in conjunction with Classics for All.
Why can't we donate to an external charity?

The Charity Commission requires that the purpose of any fundraising undertaken by the University must be compatible with the University’s objects. The University’s Charter and Statutes set out that the University’s objects are “the advancement of learning and knowledge by teaching and research and the provision of University education.” In order to protect the University’s status as a Charity, it is critical that it complies with the requirements of the Charity Commission. In particular, the University must not fundraise on behalf of other charities.

How do I tell my department where I want the money to go?

If your department is running a local incentive scheme, finalist students should be consulted before the NSS opens in February 2024.

How can my department do a prize draw if all respondents are anonymous?

The prizes should be drawn from the list of all eligible students, regardless of whether they have completed the survey or not. This is the only way to protect the anonymity of respondents. Each department will have the list of students eligible to complete the survey.